Citizen Science is Only One Step in Ornithological Research

Ornithology is a science. What makes this so is that there are observations made about bird populations or bird behaviors,…


Saint Vincent College Helps Students Pursue Ornithology Careers

I recently met with a prospective student and when I asked her what she was interested in, she said “Ornithology…

Media, Communications & Publishing

Non-profit Communication Strategies

Non-profit communication strategies are imperative to successfully meeting any of the organization’s goals. There are many unique considerations, including audience, methods and media, as well as following the organization’s mission, and more.

Data Science & Analytics

Business Data Analytics Bringing Big Data to Life

While companies have more access to large data sets than ever before, the challenge is finding productive use for this data. Business data analysts are working on to make sense and use big data for meaningful purposes.

Medicine & Biotechnology

What are the pros and cons of pre-medicine shadowing online?

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, like many schools and industries, medical schools too were forced to turn to virtual means…


Benedictine Hallmarks and the Love of Birds

Having good bird identification skills is worthwhile for students pursuing ornithology, wildlife biology, ecology, or conservation biology as a career….

Data Science & Analytics

What a career in business predictive analytics looks like

A career in business data analytics allows you to utilize predictive analytics to find patterns in data to identify risks and opportunities and make educated predictions about many aspects of the business world.

Medicine & Biotechnology

What does a pre-health advisor do? How pre-med students can take advantage of all they have to offer

Pre-health advisors help future medicine students navigate a pretty complicated process, but they also serve as invaluable resources to networking and helping pre-med students be prepared.


Campus Bird Walks at Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve

It’s 7:20am on a Thursday, and I drive up to the barn at Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve (WPNR). We recently…


Saint Vincent Ornithology Course Offerings

Welcome to the first post on Ornithology at Saint Vincent College! When I first saw the job ad for a…