Snow in Paris

Written by: Floyd Nichols

Floyd Nichols in ParisThis week in Paris has been fantastic! I have really grown accustomed to the Parisian lifestyle. Unfortunately, I only have one more week left before I leave for Cape Town, South Africa. However, on a more positive note, it snowed in Paris this week! Although, coming from Pennsylvania that does not sound impressive at all, for Paris it is almost unheard-of to get snow in the winter, let alone any other time during the year. It has definitely been wonderful, as Paris is one of the most beautiful places when it snows.
Floyd Nichols in Paris
Some really awesome activities I have had the pleasure to do this week have been visiting Musee de Gustave Moreau, Le Sacre Coeur, and I also had a chance to stumble upon the rising French pop artist, Les Presteej. To top off the week, I had my first volunteer day teaching English to French elementary students at Ecole Rouchenchouart. I still have the weekend ahead of me, and I will continue to do some exploring of Paris before my departure. So stay tuned for more adventures to come in Paris, Cape Town and London!Floyd with friends in Paris