Why I Chose to Study Abroad

Nicole Reitz in AmsterdamIn the weeks leading up to my flight, I was asked multiple times, “What made you want to study abroad?” Almost instinctively I’d give the same generic response of, ”To see ways of life different than my own. I want to experience other people’s culture on their terms.”

Although there is truth to this, it never seemed like a fulfilling answer for me. There was always more I wanted to explain, yet I could never come up with the appropriate words to express it. A few days into my orientation here at Edge Hill (in Ormskirk, England) I heard a guy answer the same question with one simple sentence: ”To satisfy my desire for another adventure.”

And that was it. This random guy from Spain had just said exactly what I have been trying to say for a month. I’m always trying to satisfy this never-ending desire for another adventure. Of course, this answer would result in an intense eye roll from my family members, but I can only hope that someone can relate and act on this urge as I did. We’ll see where it takes me – hopefully everywhere.